Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life Inside the Blue Circle

Well Hello There!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Diane and as a parent of a child with diabetes, and a wife to a husband with Type 1, as well, I can relate very well to our logo. Life inside a community of people who are pressing boundaries, raising awareness, and money, all in the name of finding a cure for Diabetes, and better, more advanced technology. I am grateful for the efforts made by so many, for so many more.

When my son was diagnosed in 2010, I was certain my world, the one I had settled into quite nicely before autoimmunity entered, was over. And honestly, it was. I languished in fear and confusion for days on end. I read every single publication on paper and the internet....which in hindsight, was a HUGE mistake. I carried every symptom ever experienced by anyone with diabetes, blood sugar related or not, in a pit in my stomach, hovered over my three year old....just watching, and praying that we never experienced one. You know that feeling, that slice right into your insides, where nothing can comfort it....that fear? If you don't then you are lucky. I started talking about diabetes online, on Facebook...of all places, to my friends, and family. I stalked our endo's pages and looked for names of other parents of children with diabetes. Then, one day, an old friend, from my hometown, sent me an email, wanting to introduce me to another mother with a child who had diabetes, that her and her husband knew well.

Pretty soon, I met several thousand people online. ALL of whom had a diabetes connection. They, we, are referred to as the DOC....the Diabetes Online Community, and what an amazing place to find yourself if autoimmunity has entered your life.

I was not alone.

Diabetes brings complications, not just for the patient. My marriage ended. My child was diagnosed with a life long chronic disease, which is often misunderstood, and is as complicated to "manage" or "control" as the national budget....and folks, those politicians have staff. I had a laptop, a box of needles and a three year old who didn't take getting multiple injections daily, sitting down. I met so many wonderful people because of this disease....including Tony, who somehow, miraculously, tolerated me stalking his blog, my constant emails, and out of our friendship, grew a relationship, which resulted in me hearing the sweetest words ever, in September 2013.....he softly sealed the deal with *I do.*

We created this blog, and our Facebook page for you and others to have a place to advertise and promote your efforts in spreading diabetes awareness. Our parent site fostered the idea to have the Luminaries, or advocates, prepare events in areas all over the globe. The idea took off immediately and now those devoted advocates will be bringing their awareness campaigns to you via this blog and our pages.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to continue doing what we do. Check back often as we will update content frequently.

Warmest regards from my DOC family to yours.

Diane Cervati